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Center of Early detection of neurodegenerative diseases

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At present neurodegenerative diseases (NDD) gets the third place among mortality factors of population after cardiovascular and cancer diseases. Researches testified that one of the methods of dealing with this kind of problems is creation of diagnostic sets (kits) for detecting people suspected of Parkinson’s disease (PD) in preclinical research of healthy population at the pre-clinical stage, which resulted in creation of the company “Center Early detection of neurodegenerative diseases (NDD)”.

Within realization of the project was received a favorable decision on getting a pattern of participation in Skolkovo, report of January 8, 2012.


Mikhail Veniaminovich Ugrumov. Advisor to president of RAS on international scientific cooperation; Member of Science and technical Board at the Chairman of the Federal Council of RF; Vice-president  of the Russian physiological institute named after  I.P.Pavlov; Member of the European academy of Science and Arts (2011).

Razina Ramazanovna Nigmatullina, Deputy Director General, Doctor of Biology, professor of the department of hominal physiology of the Kazan Sate Medical University,  author of more than 200 publications, among them more than 40 articles were published in  native and foreign editions, expert in study of regulation  mechanisms of  cardiac functions.

Zuleykha Abdullazyanovna Zalyalova doctor of medicine, professor of the department of neurology and rehabilitation SEI HPT «KazanMedicalUniversity», executive of the Republican clinical and diagnostic center of extrapyramidal pathologies and botulinotherapy. 

Petr Andreevich Slominskiy laboratory chief of molecular genetics hereditary diseases, institute of molecular genetics of RAS, Doctor of Biology, professor, corresponding member of RANS.

Olga Efimovna Khutorskaya– PhD of technical sciences, leading researcher of theInstituteofControl Sciences V. A. Trapeznikovof RAS.

Vladimir Sergeevich Kudrin, laboratory chief of neurochemical pharmacology at the Research institute of Pharmacology n.a. V.V. Zakusov of RAMS, PhD of Biology.


For the first time in the world it is offered to create innovative diagnosticums, which will be used in medical examination of people older than 40 years for detecting precursory symptoms of PD. Systematic screening for markers of the preclinical stage of PD will be held, which will allow to combine the detected endogenic markers into diagnosticums, which are represented as a set of genetic, biochemical, electrophysiological markers.

An analysis of the market

There is no definitive therapy for the majority of neurodegenerative diseases, which will allow to stop cold a pathologic process. Key emphasis in the anti- NDD strategy is laid on the earliest detection of a pathologic process and in particular, diagnostics in its latency stage (synonym – pre-clinical, pre-symptomatic stage).

Modern diagnostic techniques of NDD are positron emission and spectral emission tomography of the brain. The algorithm of patient examination with NDD includes examination of eye grounds and CT (MRT) of the brain.

A sample of еру test for the early detection of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease is introduced to the market by an American company Power3 Medical Products and at present it is at the clinical validation study with 100 patients with PD. NuroPro test is based on monitoring of 59 proteins-biomarkers in blood serum. EmPro Medical introduced its products, NADINE and BEDMOND projects are implemented, and etc. Russian scientists give a lot of attention to the issues of the early detection of NDD as well. A Social Organization of assistance to parkinsonian patients was established.

Investment needs

Investments: $600 000

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